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About proagora.com

What is proagora.com?

proagora.com is a community site for .NET and Java. One of the goals is to create a directory of .NET and Java professionals, which includes both experts and companies. Another goal of the site is to become the reference job board specialized in .NET and Java, and so fill the relative current void in this field.

Who is behind this site?

proagora.com was created by metaSapiens. metaSapiens is the company that runs the famous SharpToolbox.com and JavaToolbox.com web sites, which reference tools and libraries for .NET and Java. These sites were originally created by Fabrice Marguerie, a Microsoft MVP, who now works full-time for metaSapiens.

Why was proagora.com created?

While we noticed through our experience with SharpToolbox.com and JavaToolbox.com that the .NET and Java communities are very active, we realized that there was no web sites dedicated to .NET and Java professionals and jobs. This is why we decided to create proagora.com. The site gives an opportunity to .NET and/or Java experts and companies to promote themselves and find each other.

What makes proagora.com different?

In today's world of specialists, traditional big fat job boards are too broad in scope and contents to satisfy your needs. We believe that a highly-focused site like proagora.com can help you to find the specialized professionals or jobs you are searching for.

What services do we offer for companies?

As a company that employs the Java and/or .NET technologies, proagora.com enables you to promote your business to experts and find the specialists you need. When you post a job offer to proagora.com, you know that it will be seen by experts who have the skills you are searching for.
The services we offer you if you are a company include:
  • Publishing your company's profile (present yourself to potential candidates!)
  • Posting jobs
  • Searching for experts/candidates
  • Contacting experts directly
  • RSS feeds (get notified about the new experts listed on the site)
  • Search agents (receive e-mails when there are new experts matching criteria you define)
  • Statistics (see the number of times your profile and job offers have been viewed)
  • Mailing to a set of experts (available upon request)
  • Advertisement (available upon request)

What services do we offer for experts?

As a Java and/or .NET expert, proagora.com gives you the opportunity to join a community and gain visibility. You can publish your profile on the site to describe your experience in .NET or Java as well as to list your contributions (articles, books, conferences, sites, etc.) and your certifications.
If you are searching for jobs, you know that proagora.com will only present you jobs in your domains of expertise. No more annoying untargeted job offers!

What is an "expert"? Is everyone an expert?

Don't be shy. The term "expert" we use here means "a person who has special skill or knowledge in some particular field; a specialist; someone possessing skill or knowledge" (in .NET and/or Java). If you are using .NET or Java everyday, this definition is likely to apply to you.

How much do our services cost?

Everything is completely free of charge for experts.
All the services for companies are also free of charge for companies during the launch phase. We will announce the pricing and conditions for companies soon.

What languages are supported by the site?

English and French. You can decide to publish information in one language or in both.
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