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TitleJava Architect/Developer/Leader
I have over a decade of experience developing applications in the information technology field, as an individual, as a manager and as a software architect. My experience ranges from web development to stand-alone applications taken through the full lifecycle of software development. This includes requirements gathering, architectural design, development team leader, system documentation, system testing, and guarantees the success of the client acceptance tests. In addition, I adapted and implemented the RUP development methodology and I used design patterns, like Blueprints, in all my designs.

I have extensive experience including a variety of RDBMS products ranging from MS SQL Server and Oracle on an enterprise level to FoxPro and Access on a desktop/prototype level. The projects I worked on include among others: a three-tier web-based BPM System developed in JEE and .NET; a corporate financial tool using J2EE; an enterprise medical system and several insurance applications.

I’m a Sun Certified Enterprise Architect 5, Sun Certified Business Component Developer, Java Certified Programmer and Microsoft Certified Visual Basic 6 programmer.
Skills in .NET: C#, .NET 1.x, SQL Server and Oracle
Skills in Java: JSF, Java SE, Java EE, Swing, AWT, Spring, Hibernate, Sun Java System, JBoss AS, WebSphere AS, Geronimo, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server and UML


LocationBogotá, Colombia
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Positions are listed in chronological order, with most recent at the top.
J2EE Architect for Vision Software .NETJava
November 2004 - Present (Still in this position)
Location (other)
Industry High Tech / Software publishers
Software architect in charge of improving the current company’s main product design to take advantage of JEE technology and to increase the performance and scalability. My responsibilities included the design and coding of several components in Java using EJBs, C# and J# using MS SQL Server and Oracle as database servers.

- Designed and implemented the new Render Module for the application improving the maintainability and the overall performance in more than 50%.
- Designed and implemented the new Persistence layer for the Workflow Engine.
- Increased the performance of the entity manager module by 90% for Queries, and 30% in all the actions related with database modification commands.
- Improved the performance of the Workflow manager by 30% and the concurrency by 90%.
- Enhanced procedures in order to generate the new application’s version which ran 80% faster.
- Designed and Coded in C# and J# the Scopes Manager module that supported the long-term transactional behavior in a BPM environment.
- Supported and fixed several components in a customized J2EE Framework.
- Participated and voted in the BPMN specification.
- Supported German and British customers.
- Solved several problems in performance related to the J2EE Framework
- Created new components in java in order to accomplish framework tasks.
- Participated and voted in the definition of the BPMN specification.
Technology Manager for Información Gerencial Ltda. Java
July 2002 - November 2004
Location (other)
Industry High Tech / Software publishers
I was responsible for the management, design and provided leadership for all the new projects using Java J2EE.

Accomplishments and responsibilities:
- Implemented and documented a new software development methodology incrementing dramatically the development efficiency and the client satisfaction.
- Designed and leaded the development of a financial tool using Java J2EE with Jboss, MySQL and front-end Swing. Banks and medium size financial companies use that tool for their loan products.
- Gathered all the requirements for the applications that I designed and developed.
- Participated in management meetings, supporting all the technical decisions.
- Designed and developed a software for implementing the product “Factoring” using Borland Delphi 6.0 with DB2/400
- Commercial Support
July 2000 - July 2002
Location (other)
Industry Pharmacy and health / Hospitalization and Health care
I was the leading developer in the Sophia Project. The project was built on top of COM+ technology using SQL Server as Database Engine.

Accomplished the development and installation of a distributed environment with 300 machines around Colombia and 1 server located in Bogotá with an excellent execution performance. This project managed all the Patient admissions, medical records, and administrative features like generating Product Orders, payments, and so on.


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posted Friday, September 19, 2008
updated Friday, September 19, 2008
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