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Title.NET Software Architect
Skills in .NET: ASP.NET, Web Services, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Windows Forms, C#, .NET 1.x, .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0 and SQL Server


LocationFrance / Ile de France
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Positions are listed in chronological order, with most recent at the top.
.NET Software Architect for SUPINFO .NET
October 2005 - Present (Still in this position)
Location France / Ile de France / Paris
Industry Teaching / Universities and higher learning institutions
Conception and development of a secured Windows software (C#/WPF), for the evaluation of the students, based on a distributed architecture.

Handle the development team (3 people), technical management, definition of the architecture, and development:
- A main repository database containing the questions and the evaluations; a main warehouse database to consolidate the results; and a database for each site of the school (21 sites in France, Canada, UK and China) to allow students to pass their evaluations remotely, even without any access to the main server. A WCF service is also deployed on each site.
- A Windows heavy client (Winforms/WCF) to administrate and monitor the evaluations.
- A Windows heavy client (WPF/WCF) to pass the evaluations (secured).


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posted Friday, April 13, 2007
updated Saturday, September 26, 2009
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