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TitleSenior Architect and Consultant
Specializing in the design and development of client-server applications, turnkey systems, business automation solutions, and training / staff development of software best practices.

Please visit my website at www.marcclifton.com for latest articles, projects, and resume.
Skills in .NET: ASP.NET, Web Services, Windows Forms, C#, .NET 1.x, .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase and UML


LocationUnited States (USA) / New York (Albany area)
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Positions are listed in chronological order, with most recent at the top.
Senior Software Engineer for Video Simplex .NET
1998 - Present (Still in this position)
Location United States (USA)
Industry Consulting and services / Computer services
Video Kiosk System

Utilized the Interacx n-tier client/server environment to develop a digital video kiosk distribution and management system in C#/.NET. Worked with another contractor to interface with Cygwin applications to rip DVD's and distribute MPEG2 movies for preview in an intranet environment, and to utilized Avisynth to re-encode MPEG2 movies into different AVI movies to provide a smooth, TIVO-like transition between forward and rewind playbacks. Implemented a USB interface for bill acceptor and touch panel USB communications. Designed and implemented the back-office server and administration forms and reports to track movie play time and bill acceptor income, and allow for custom schedules and rate structures. Developed the kiosk player utilizing DirectShow.NET and VMR9 technologies for both movie file and DVD playback. Assisted in resolving numerous codec issues.

Entertainer Management System

Developed a 2-tier entertainment management system in C++/MFC. System tracks cash transactions, club and entertainer earnings, and employee/contractor hours of work using a central application server and Microsoft SQL Server. Developed a proprietary UDP packet protocol to interface to custom hardware designed by Video Simplex. System manages complex schedule and rate structures, implements multithreading to manage schedule updates and hardware communications. Interfaces with Dallas Semiconductor iButton hardware for personnel identification. Systems are installed in numerous locations across the country, demonstrating improved club profits and assisting with stricter IRS record keeping requirements.
Senior Architect And Lead Developer for XAKTSoft .NET
September 2004 - October 2006
Location United States (USA)
Industry Consulting and services / Computer services
Utilized UML object, state, and sequence diagrams (Visio and Enterprise Architect) to document the architecture and investigate the design issues for an n-tier client/server application intended to support the merging of domain-specific business rules, UI layout and report customization with a baseline application domain template. Implemented a prototype n-tier server and rich client application in C#/.NET demonstrating the feasibility of the requirements. Worked with DevExpress's XtraReports library to develop a custom report writer. Interfaced the Infragistics scheduler component to the rich client to work generically with the client/server architecture. Designed and implemented the TCP client-server communication layers. Provided guidance on code and architecture documentation techniques, .NET best practices guidelines (with FxCop), unit testing using NUnit, acceptance testing, and bug tracking using FogBugz for in-house and offshore programming staff.

Consultant for John And Kira's Chocolates .NET
July 2006 - July 2006
Location United States (USA)
Industry Distribution / Retail
Implemented a small application that extracted zipcodes from an Excel document and populated each row with temperature and condition predictions from the NOAA webservice, intended to assist in determining how much ice should be packed with shipments of chocolate.
Consultant for Panacea Software .NET
December 2003 - June 2004
Location United States (USA)
Industry Consulting and services / Computer services
Implemented an Xml Schema Definition (XSD) editor and XPath query builder for Panacea's WebMantra application, part of a suite of software designed to provide a visual development platform for Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS). Implemented in C#/.NET, the editor and query builder interfaced with their existing application and utilized the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.
Contractor for Dodson Boat Yard
August 2001 - October 2003
Location United States (USA)
Industry Tourism / Travel
Developed custom yard management software in C++ with a 2-tier client/server application. Implemented inventory management, work-order processing, purchasing, receiving, accounts payable and accounts receivable modules. Designed and implemented the database schema to support a multi-user transaction system. Working closely with an independent auditor, identified deficiencies in inventory management and accounting practices. As a result of this work, Dodson increased account receivables and reduced inventory overhead from $400,000 to $250,000. System was also sold to Pine Island Marina, Groton CT.
Lead Programmer and Senior Architect for Space Systems/Loral
1998 - 2002
Location United States (USA)
Industry High Tech / Electronics - Microelectronics
Switch Ring Analysis

Developed algorithms in C++ to rapidly analyze and determine path failure conditions in satellite redundancy rings. Algorithm utilized topology and minimum path rules to analyze switch networks consisting of more than 2^60 possible states. Implementation was the first tool to successfully analyze non-trivial switch ring networks.

Internet Over Satellite Simulation

Developed proprietary Internet over satellite simulator, modeling a virtual CPE (Consumer Premise Equipment), virtual satellite link (Ka and Ku band), and virtual gateway, using COM objects, workflow, and multi-threading. This system demonstrated the advantages of TCP split protocol, queues, rain fade compensation, and quality of service. Developed proprietary split protocols for HTTP and FTP data transfers. Implemented fairness and round robin queues based on Cisco designs and other sources. The demonstration system modeled cable, DSL, uncompensated satellite, and Loral?s proprietary split protocol capabilities, illustrating the benefits of quality of service, and rain fade compensation, using NetMeeting, HTTP, and FTP transfers, both visually (graphical display) and numerically (comparing transfer times). During the development of this project, I gained significant knowledge in low level TCP/IP, browser implementations, HTTP, FTP, and H.323 protocols, and NIC hardware and drivers.

Satellite Design Tool

Requested by SS/L to continue work on contract formerly held by IPI (see below), completed development of satellite design tool to beta release. Work included various additions to the frequency plan and payload design modules, and completing the satellite module: orbital power requirements, mass calculations, orbital lifetime calculations and launch vehicle selection.
Contractor for Nintendo North America
February 2001 - October 2001
Location United States (USA)
Industry High Tech / Electronics - Microelectronics
Developed a Color Game Boy emulator under the Windows OS, written in C++ and assembly language, for an in-flight entertainment system. This project required coordinating activities with Japanese and British interests. Unlike numerous emulators available on the Internet, the final product successfully emulated all required games, handling undocumented video and audio "tricks".


Publications are listed by kind.
Web sites
Numerous .NET articles and projects.
Over 100 articles available on the Code Project
Interacx is a suite of tools, client components, and middleware applications for use in the development of sophisticated client-server solutions. Interacx solves real world client/server issues in two ways. Interacx reduces/eliminates the need for hand coded SQL, complicated ORM-based solutions, and custom client-side code. Interacx automates key aspects of client-server requirements such as secure communications, roles and permissions, data synchronization, transaction history/audits, and smart client (working offline) synchronization.

With Interacx, a rich client-server application can be developed in a matter of hours, complete with sophisticated menus, dialogs and reports, without writing a line of code. Updates to your application occur at the server and are automatically distributed to your clients, eliminating deployment difficulties.

No solution is without aspects that simply cannot be automated. For that reason, Interacx comes with two API's. The first, a rich server-side business rule API, allows developers to inject application-specific rules at specified transaction points. The second, a full featured client-side API (the Interacx generic client application uses this API itself), allows the developer to add custom client-side modules and/or write their own client solution.

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posted Wednesday, May 2, 2007
updated Wednesday, May 2, 2007
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