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TitleSoftware Architect and Web Entrepreneur
A graduate of EPITA (a French computer engineering school), Fabrice is a software architect and consultant with more than 14 years of experience in the software industry. He has a diverse experience, ranging from consulting services, coaching and training, to creating his own business.
His high technical background allowed him to work with Microsoft, Borland, KPMG and Société Générale. He has been working with Microsoft .NET since the early betas in 2001, and he is now an expert on this platform working as a software architect for large companies.
Fabrice has been awarded the C# MVP title by Microsoft in recognition for both its demonstrated practical expertise and willingness to share his experience in Microsoft technical communities. This involvement includes:
- speaking at conferences
- presenting with Microsoft
- writing technical articles in English and in French
- writing a weblog in English on .NET and software development in general since February 2003
- running the SharpToolbox.com and JavaToolbox.com web sites, the reference directories of the .NET or Java tools and libraries
- creating the proagora.com web site, a job board and community site for .NET and Java experts and companies
- writing a book and a weblog dedicated to LINQ, http://LinqInAction.net
Skills in .NET: ASP.NET, Web Services, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax, Windows Forms, C#, .NET 1.x, .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, .NET 3.5, .NET 4.0, Silverlight, SQL Server and UML


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Positions are listed in chronological order, with most recent at the top.
Co-founder and CTO for Tuneo .NET
December 2010 - Present (Still in this position)
Location France
Industry High Tech / Software publishers
Service that helps you organize social activities with your friends.
First version is for Facebook.
Principal for metaSapiens .NET
January 2006 - Present (Still in this position)
Location France
Industry High Tech
Internet web sites, development tools, .NET expertise...
Software architect for clients such as SGCIB (Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking) et Bouygues Immobilier.
metaSapiens publishes web sites such as SharpToolbox, JavaToolbox and proagora.com.
Software Architect for SGCIB (Société Générale Corporate & Investment Banking) .NET
January 2005 - December 2010
Location France / Ile de France / Hauts-de-Seine
Industry Finance / Banking
Software architecture and .NET technical expertise in transversal teams.
Works include:
- .NET technical framework
- Application framework based on CAB and SCSF
- Component repository
- Technical consulting
- Technology watch and presentations
Software Architect for Alti .NET
June 2002 - January 2007
Location France
Industry High Tech
Consulting for large companies, Architecture, Software development, Frameworks, Presentations, etc.
Research & Development Head for CloudLink .NET
December 2000 - March 2002
Location France / Ile de France / Paris
Industry High Tech / Software publishers
Design of the software products and solutions, which involved .NET and web services.
Research & Development Engineer for Cogisoft .NET
October 1995 - June 2000
Location France
Industry High Tech
Research and development, Training


Publications are listed by kind.
Blog about .NET and software development in general
Web sites
Comprehensive directory of the existing Java tools and libraries
The job board and profile directory of professionals specialized in Java and .NET
Comprehensive directory of the existing .NET tools and libraries
DateTuesday, April 5, 2011
Session "How to detect and avoid memory and resources leaks in .NET applications"
DateTuesday, February 16, 2010
LocationFrance / Ile de France / Paris
Session "Detecting and avoiding memory and resources leaks in .NET applications" with Yann Schwartz
DateDecember 2008
LocationCanada / Quebec / Montreal
Four sessions in duet with Frédéric Schäfer to show LINQ, Entity Framework, WPF, Silverlight et WCF in action.
One session in solo to show how C# and VB.NET evolved to enable LINQ and to demonstrate their new features.
DateWednesday, July 2, 2008
LocationFrance / Ile de France / Paris
Live demonstration of the creation of an application based on WPF, LINQ, and ADO.NET Entity Framework.
With Frédéric Schäfer from Octo.
DateMonday, February 11, 2008
LocationFrance / Ile de France / Paris
Session "C# and VB.NET: From .NET 2.0 to LINQ" with Philippe Mougin
Session "Object-relational mapping with ADO.NET Entity Framework" with Sébastien Ros (Symposium DNG)
DotNetGuru Symposium .NET
DateFriday, October 8, 2004
LocationFrance / Ile de France / Paris
Presentation with Didier Girard about Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection.
DateNovember 2009
Page with links to my articles (English and French)

- How to detect and avoid memory and resources leaks in .NET applications
- Sample uses of LINQ, DLINQ and XLINQ
- Choosing an object-relational mapping tool
- The role of the Software Architect
- Getting a little closer to SOA
DateFebruary 2008
LINQ, Language INtegrated Query, is a new extension to the Visual Basic and C# programming languages designed to simplify data queries and database interaction. It addresses O/R mapping issues by making query operations like SQL statements part of the programming language. Adding to its power, LINQ is extensible and can be used to query various data sources. It offers built-in support for querying in-memory collections like arrays or lists, XML, DataSets, and relational databases.

LINQ in Action is a fast-paced, comprehensive tutorial for professional developers who want to use LINQ. This book explores what can be done with LINQ, shows you how it works in an application, and addresses the emerging best practices. It presents the general purpose query facilities offered by LINQ in the upcoming C# 3.0 and VB.NET 9.0 languages. A running example introduces basic LINQ concepts. You’ll then learn to query unstructured data using LINQ to XML and relational data with LINQ to SQL. Finally, you’ll see how to extend LINQ for custom applications.

LINQ in Action will guide you along as you navigate this new world of lambda expressions, query operators, and expression trees. You’ll also explore the new features of C# 3.0, VB.NET 9.0. The book is very practical, anchoring each new idea with running code.

You will discover all the basics needed to get a clear understanding of LINQ. Whether you want to use LINQ to query objects, XML documents, or relational databases, you will find all the information you need to get started.

But LINQ in Action does not stop at the basic code. This book also shows you how LINQ can be used for advanced processing of data. This includes coverage of LINQ’s extensibility, which allows querying more data sources than those supported by default.

All code samples are built on a concrete business case. The running example, LinqBooks, is a personal book cataloging system that shows you how to create LINQ applications with Visual Studio 2008.

Certifications, exams and awards

Certifications and exams are listed in alphabetical order.


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posted Thursday, April 12, 2007
updated Wednesday, April 6, 2011
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