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TitleSenior Technical Project Manager
• I am driving the Theoris “Application & Convergence” Offer (from architecture to optimization) and investigating F#

• High expertise in Management and Software Architecture dedicated to Complex Projects.
• Microsoft Platforms Expert (OS and Development Environments) for Desktop or Embedded Environments.

• Development teams management - Planing and cost control - Customer care - Providers and subconstractors follow-up - Integration coordination
• Component based and service oriented architectures - System/Application audits and optimizations - Parallel programming - .NET early adopter

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Skills in .NET: Web Services, Windows Forms, C#, .NET 1.x, .NET 2.0, .NET 3.0, .NET 3.5, Compact Framework, SQL Server and UML


LocationFrance / Ile de France / Hauts-de-Seine
This expert does not accept to work remotely.
This expert does not accept to work as a freelance.


Positions are listed in chronological order, with most recent at the top.
Senior Technical Project Manager for Theoris .NET
December 2002 - Present (Still in this position)
Location France / Ile de France / Paris
Industry High Tech
• As a Software Architect I am dedicated to the conception of highly constrained applications: componentization, distribution, response time or embedded constraints.

• As a Project Manager I am in charge of sizeable realizations in various domains. Among others I managed for Total Immersion – the Augmented Reality world leader – the production of the new 2008 Futuroscope attraction: “The Future is Wild”. This revolutionary project is a world premiere and covers many different functional domains such as high performance software development, 3D avatars real-time animation, dedicated devices production (AR goggles), embedded operating systems setup and highly constrained integration coordination.

• As a Trainer I am writing and giving courses about technical application development with Microsoft .Net and Win32 platforms for desktop or embedded environments.
Software Architect & .Net Expert for Steria .NET
January 2001 - November 2002
Location France / Ile de France / Hauts-de-Seine
Industry High Tech
Management and software architecture dedicated to .NET projects in industrial environments.
Project Manager for Tecsi .NET
January 1999 - December 2000
Location France / Ile de France / Hauts-de-Seine
Industry High Tech
.NET early adopter since Teched 2000.
Software Engineer for Tecsi .NET
October 1996 - December 1998
Location France / Ile de France / Hauts-de-Seine
Industry High Tech
Microsoft COM/DCOM Early Adopter.
First DCOM releases Beta Tester.


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posted Thursday, December 4, 2008
updated Friday, March 6, 2009
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