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TitleJ2EE expert
Innovative J2EE Developer with 4 years experience including 3 years at EnterpriseDB. Sun Certified Programmer for Java 1.4. Developed Application Server as a final year project of Bachelor’s degree. Extended PostgreSQL JDBC Driver for EnterpriseDB. Worked on Oracle compatibility features for several java based EnterpriseDB tools including EDB*Plus, Migration Studio, PL Editor / Debugger and Management Server.
Skills in Java: Struts, Java SE, Java EE, Swing, AWT, Hibernate, Eclipse, NetBeans, JBuilder, JDeveloper, JBoss AS, MySQL and Oracle


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Positions are listed in chronological order, with most recent at the top.
Associate Architect for EnterpriseDB Java
December 2004 - Present (Still in this position)
Location (other)
Industry High Tech / Software publishers
Extended PostgreSQL JDBC Driver to work for EnterpriseDB. Introduced protocol extension to support OUT and INOUT parameters in functions and procedures.
Additionally, being part of the tools/special group worked on several other java based projects.
Management Server: Management Server is a J2EE based tool for monitoring and managing remote EnterpriseDB clusters. Technologies involved in development of this tool include JSP/Servlet, JMS, JBoss JMX, JDBC, Jasper Reports and EnterpriseDB.

Migration Studio: Migration Studio is a swing based application used to provide migration from several relational Database Management Systems including Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server and Sybase Adaptive Server to EnterpriseDB cluster. In addition to this core functionality, Migration Studio also includes features like viewing the data, creating / dropping database objects, managing privileges for various database objects and launching different integrated independent tools like EDB*Plus, edb-psql, PL Debugger and Editor for any selected object.

PL Editor / Debugger: PL Editor / Debugger is another swing based tool built on top of JEdit to visually debug and edit the PLSQL functions / procedures and package functions / procedures. PL Editor / Debugger uses a special interface on server side to execute the debugging. Worked on the major debugger features like step into, step over, stop debugging, restart debugging etc.

SQL Interactive: SQL Interactive is a swing based query execution tool launched from within the environment of Migration Studio. SQL Interactive is built on top of the SQUIRREL which is a Database Front end tool and works with any database that provides JDBC access. SQL Interactive is a customized version of SQUIRREL for EnterpriseDB. My primary focus was to provide the EnterpriseDB PLSQL Syntax and query parsing, supporting multiple Result Sets and support for ‘Notice Response’ messages.

EDB*Plus: EDB*Plus is an Oracle SQL*Plus compatible command line tool to execute SQL commands.
Software Engineer for Digital Processing Systems Java
December 2003 - December 2004
Location (other)
Industry High Tech / Software publishers
Worked on several J2EE based projects for various clients on the globe including the Ministry of Information Technology Kuwait, Public Authority for Industries Kuwait, Industrial Bank of Kuwait and Empire City Subway USA.
The details of the projects are as follows.

CTRACK: A web based project management and job tracking system for Empire City Subway, Manhattan, USA. The system was developed using state of the art java technologies including Struts and Entity Beans.

PAI Portal: Portal for Public Authority for Industries, state of Kuwait. Technologies include old fashioned Oracle Portal technology, JDBC and Java Mail.

Banking Solution for Industrial Bank of Kuwait: Developed this system using JSP/Servlet, Struts, Enterprise Java Beans, Java Mail and JDBC.


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posted Wednesday, February 27, 2008
updated Wednesday, February 27, 2008
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